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Welcome to Gundog Dummies

Single Shot.jpeg.jpg

Single Shot Blank Firer

Single Shot Blank Firer. GundogDummies is the 'home' of the single shot. Invented and developed by Mary-Jane Opie and GundogDummies, the only blank firer that does not look like a gun.

loader web page.jpg

.22 Loader

A simple tool that allows .22 blank caps to be quickly dispenced - one at a time into a Single shoot or conventional starting pistol barrel

gundog whistles.jpeg.jpg

Gundog Whistles

Gundog Training whistles,

winga web.jpg

Winga Partridge Flinger

Winga Partridge thrower stater pack and extra Discs. Discs fly up to 200 feet and resemble the partridge flight.

dummy selection.jpeg.jpg

Canvas Dummies

Canvas Gundog training dummies

pheasant wings.jpg

Feathered Wings

Air dried pheasant wings - simple attach to a retrieving dummy.

bird toggles.jpeg.jpg

Bird Head Toggles

life like bird head toggles to give Gundog canvas dummies a more realistic feel for a gundog.

Dog Boot.jpeg.jpg

Paws Dog Boot

First aid for working gundogs in the field

marking paint.jpeg.jpg

Marking Paint

Marking paint. Help you remember where you left a Gundog Training Dummy!

Collaspable Water Bowl.jpeg.jpg

Water Bowl

Water Bowl for Gundogs working in the field.



1-2-1 Gundog Training for your gundog with top trainer Mary-Jane Opie. Field Trial Champion owner and handler.

rabley fun day 2012 166.JPG

Rabley Gundog Club

www.rableygundogclub.co.uk for competitively priced group training for your gundog in Hertfordshire and North London.